No Apologies

The contractor was supposed to put sheetrock up in the closet, and I did have plans to get a few coats of spackle on it and hopefully be able to paint by Monday, but he didn’t.  Thank goodness for that.  All of a sudden he’s the bad guy and I “can’t do anything more until the sheetrock is up”, and spent the whole Saturday looking at snowdrops.  To make it look good I cleaned the kitchen while waiting for the sun to warm things up outside, but for the most part I was 100% unproductive.  Maybe I needed that today.  We’re dealing with a child who can now ask about borrowing the car, and that’s somewhat traumatic since all I can think of is never having a full tank of gas again.

galanthus kildare

The first of today’s favorites, ‘Kildare’.  An elegant Irish snowdrop with a nice green lined tip.  

Actually he seems to have gotten it in his head that he’s also buying a car.  Maybe now is the time to break the news that their car/college fund has been “invested” in snowdrops and there’s not much left in the cupboard for things like insurance, gas, and new vehicles.

galanthus flore pleno

Finally.  The ‘like a weed’ snowdrop which thrives for anyone and everyone has quit being miserable here and is now growing like he should.  ‘Flore pleno’ is the basic double form of the common snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis) and can quickly make large, showy clumps… for most gardeners.

He’s not getting the car tomorrow though.  Tomorrow is Snowdropping ’23 and the car and myself are heading South for a full day of snowdrop overload.  Hopefully it will be like pre-gaming for the Galanthus Gala, although if next Saturday’s snow materializes it will tragically erase my gala dreams by rescheduling a school competition to conflict with the gala.  Oh the irony of a nearly snowless winter bringing a storm on the exact day when I need it to not snow.  Grrrrrrr…..

galanthus long drop

Alongside the potager a more recent snowdrop bed is beginning to fill with goodies.  ‘Long Drop’ is quite a nice snowdrop even though I don’t really need another plain white drop becoming a new favorite. It is though…     

Whatever.  The weather started out cold and ended up beautiful and that’s all that mattered today.  Many drops are up and many are at their peak, and I’m going to quit commenting on how remarkably early this is for us even though it is.

galanthus bloomer

‘Bloomer’ has become a nice patch, and I’m pretty sure I share a photo of this favorite every spring.  

Next week is supposed to be cooler and if it is I might not even complain as much about missing garden time and going to work.  With the Monday being a holiday that’s also a great thing.  I think I’ll celebrate it as Galanthus Day this year rather than President’s Day.

galanthus fosterii

A new one for me, Galanthus fosterii, is a species snowdrop with large flowers and fresh green foliage.  It’s supposed to be a little picky about its spot in the garden so if you don’t see a photo next year you can probably guess what happened.

Whatever.  The garden season is off and running and I could get used to this.

galanthus snowdrops

Snowdrops still a little floppy after a 23F night wilted them all down.  Hopefully real cold and a dump of snow don’t still come to visit this winter.

galanthus blonde inge

‘Blonde Inge’ sprouted up in three days.  I guess things are done waiting it out and just growing as if it’s March.  The warm weather tomorrow will open these up and should reveal their glowing yellow inners. 

So of course I’ll have more to report after tomorrow’s excursion and hopefully it’s as good as they normally are. I’ll be with snowdrop nuts all day, how can it not be?  Enjoy!

17 comments on “No Apologies

  1. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    I hope the Snow gods smile on your big day and wait until the next to do that late February snow. One must get out to the Snowdrop Gala. I will be happy to hear/read all about the all Snowdrops. As to that new driver, he will soon learn to share. I am afraid that your fear of an empty tank is a real concern. He will get you whipped into shape for the younger one. Don’t be scared.

    • bittster says:

      Guess what? The forecast shifted enough so that the snowdrop gala looks to be a go. Also the new driver went with a future driver and their cousin to pick up an order of Chinese for dinner tonight. It took me a real long time to wrap my head around it, so much so that in a moment of confusion I even gave him a credit card to pay for it with. I really need to rethink all this!

      • Lisa at Greenbow says:

        A credit card and wheels!?!?! It is amazing that you received a dinner to eat before midnight. You obviously weren’t thinking at all. You are going to have to get a grasp on the situation. 🤣

  2. Oh, I love them! How nice! Ugh, now that potential snow is showing up in my forecast. Fingers crossed that it’s wrong! Enjoy the snowdrops tomorrow. Also, the good thing about having another driver in the house is that he will be able to (and for a BRIEF time will actually like to) chauffeur his younger sibling around. I really felt it when Tristan went to college and I suddenly had to ferry Lora back and forth again until she got her license.

    • bittster says:

      The forecast looks like it wised up and will only cancel a day of school and not my plans to head South for a gala. Perfect. Winter is finally behaving as it should!
      I’ve already told the boy he’s joining track and field just so he can give rides to the girl. Maybe this will be his chance to discover some scholarship-inducing athletic ability which has laid dormant for generations and was waiting for just this moment to blossom 😉

  3. Paddy Tobin says:

    Your own snowdrops are looking very good at the moment! Especially ‘Kildare’! I hope the snowdrop outing goes well for you. We are on a similar tour here at the moment.

  4. Lucky you to have snowdrops at home and a trip to see more. Still snow-covered here but sunny and warmer. I am trying to not get depressed at my lack of snowdrops at home or any galas near me. So I am glad to get it all secondhand from you. Good luck on keeping the snow at bay.

    • bittster says:

      Hmmm. I just took a peek at your weather forecast and it’s clearly behaving Februarily, unlike our weather. Hope there’s some sun at least. Cold and gloom will really erode your resolve quickly, and you’ll end up getting all those boxes on your front step again!

  5. Cathy says:

    They are all beautiful in your late winter sunshine… or is it really spring? Hope you enjoy your snowdropping trip. I wonder what you will bring home with you. (😉) They are probably even more of a good investment these days!

    • bittster says:

      Tonight it’s late winter again, but only for a few hours and not nearly as terrible a visit as it could be. Spring will return for two days and then a little snow will hopefully encourage the schools to let their students (and teacher!) stay home for a day to be with his snowdrops lol

  6. Eliza Waters says:

    I had no idea there were so many snowdrop cultivars, Frank. And you probably grow 90% of them! Hope your snowdrop expedition was successful (and maybe you picked up a few more?) I look forward to reading your report and seeing the photos.

    • bittster says:

      Haha, you would need someone with you to convince you they’re really all as different as the gardener (and the people who sell snowdrops to the gardener) seem to think.
      Non-believers might even say they all kinda look the same!
      I hope to get a trip report up this weekend, but I just want to say beforehand that I was very frugal and only grudgingly accepted a few gifts 😉

  7. Matthew says:

    Your snowdrops are looking great! Lots of good varieties, but ‘Bloomer’ is especially nice.

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