Hopefully I can bulk this up a little someday!
The quick facts are: NE Pa gardener, married with a beautiful wife and 2 (young)children, longtime gardener but only in this home since 2008. I want a little bit of everything here but a friend is always warning me not to “s^!t up” the place…. I guess that’s what he thinks of me planting too many things in too many places.

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  1. […] or the Chionodoxas I have long wanted to try, or the Camassias with which I became enchanted after bittster showed off his photos of them in combination with Iris ‘Elsa Sass.’ It does not matter […]

  2. pobept says:

    Mmmmm – “s^!t up” the place” – I think it’s time to tell those people that make unkind comments abour your garden,”It’s my garden and I will ‘s^!t’ in it if I want to.

    Happy Fall Gardening

    • bittster says:

      Hah! they just inspire me to sh%t up every little corner!
      I have thick skin and have been called “stubborn” several times, so no worries on the comments- good and bad are all welcomed.

  3. Annette says:

    Oh Bittster, this only goes to show that one should ALWAYS read (and most of all remember!) the About page…than I would have never called you a lucky girl!!!!!

    • bittster says:

      You can call me a lucky girl anytime you want, the more luck the better! I sometimes forget that I even have an ‘about page’, I should really freshen things up around here 🙂

  4. Awesome blog! How about an award or two? Let me know at belmontrooster@centurylink.net please.

  5. Enjoying your blog, especially the cyclamen. Take a look at http://www.edgewoodgardens.net to see some of the cyclamen I’m growing about 35 miles W of Philadelphia. Stay warm!



  6. bittster says:

    Thanks John, I’m pleased you stopped by and also a little embarrassed you had to put in your own link to Edgewood Gardens! I’ve remedied that on my main page and included it among my ‘favorite links’, it should have been there a long time ago considering how many hours I’ve spent browsing photos and collecting information from your website.
    … but just so you know, I will hold you responsible for any winter hardy cacti and succulents that I end up adding to my garden!

  7. Hi Frank, I came by your blog a couple of months ago and was thrilled to see someone else clearly bitten by the cyclamen bug. There are a few more of us every year. I’m not blowing my own trumpet but really have no idea who sees my website and who doesn’t – I’m glad you find it useful. Feel free to email me privately or let me know if you are ever down this way – I’d love to show you around.

    The cacti are awesome and as you saw I have beds with varying degrees of protection. It will be interesting to see how the recent transition from 60F to -1F in less than 24 hours affected them – especially given that they were soaking wet at the time. We live and learn!



    • bittster says:

      The recent weather changes will be a real test on the cacti, and you have the right attitude for it!
      I would love to have a look around Edgewood, and I’ll be in touch with a few questions (mostly regarding cyclamen outdoors in your gardens… wow they look good).
      Thanks again for commenting, and yes, I suppose I am bitten by the cyclamen bug. How can anyone not be once they’ve seen their first patch of coum opening up with the earliest snowdrops!
      take care, Frank

  8. Hey Frank, Seems like you have been very busy. Looks like you have been having some nice blooms to show for the work.

    I was wondering if you have any interest in Rose of Sharon plants. I have a ton of seeds from this past fall and also have a few plants started if you prefer those, they are only a few inches tall but ready to go if you do. Not sure what colors they will be as they don’t come true to the parent plant from seeds anyway but worth a shot if you want them. I can drop them off for you if you want.

    If you remember I am only over in Hughestown. Email me through Houzz if you want the plants or seeds or both.

    I also have some Hosta seeds from the past fall and they come up like giants.

    MikeinPA_Zone5b on Houzz.com

    • bittster says:

      Hi Mike!
      Good to hear from you. I’ll send you a message, I’m swamped with plants this time of year…. but always have trouble saying no 🙂

  9. I found your blog today as I was searching for the name of a phlox plant I have. You solved my problem. I like your blog and we are in the same zone. If you want to follow the blog of another man with small children ,here is one I like a lot: http://www.obsessiveneuroticgardener.com
    Also, stop by my blog too since we are probably in the same zone

    • bittster says:

      Daniela I checked out your blog, well done and you have a beautiful garden. I’m glad you stopped by here!
      Thanks for the link, I like that blog as well and always appreciate a good sense of humor.

  10. Kevin says:

    Hi Bittster. I’m not sure how you feel about blog awards, but I nominated you for the Liebster Award. I truly enjoy your work and your world. Details can be found here. http://wp.me/p1w6cN-226.

    • bittster says:

      Thank you Kevin. Your blog is always an inspiration and source of great information and I’m flattered by the recommendation! I’m bad with getting to awards though, I can barely keep up with the blog as it is… where are those lazy days of summer!? -but I’ll try and get to it in the next few weeks.
      thanks again for thinking of me 🙂

  11. Hey Frank! Would you mind if I use your picture of pokeweed? I will credit you and provide a link to your blog, of course. Jason (gardeninacity)

  12. Matt says:

    Such an inspirational blog, love the Snowdrops and aspiring to achieve a great collection with other winter treasures. Thank you! Do you post on Instagram?

    • bittster says:

      Thanks Matt! That was just what I needed to read on a day where the sun barely came out and the garden looks more like a construction site than a refuge. I don’t post on Instagram, I already manage to spend so much time on the phone I hate to think of adding another temptation.

  13. Casey Jedrzejczak says:

    This is brilliant, where’d you get all the yellow galanthus at? I can’t find any!

    • bittster says:

      Casey I have bad news. If you go to this page https://katob427.com/the-snowdrop-page/ , about halfway down are a few US sources of snowdrops and several of them have yellow snowdrops available. I think if you email Paula she’s actually putting together a spring list for sale now (in the green) and Ernest, Brandywine, and Edgewood always have a few yellows on their lists…. which should come out this summer…. and you should of course get on all the other mailing lists as well 😉

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