Snowy Drops

Sorry, but a little snow isn’t going to stop the madness.

snowdrops in the snow

Snowdrops with winter aconite and a few cyclamen.

snowdrop kildare

Here’s ‘Kildare’ again. The white of the snow really brings out his green nose.

hamamelis aphrodite witch hazel

‘Aphrodite’ is one of the newer witch hazels here and has been settling in well.  

galanthus norfolk blonde

1 bloom, 1 bloom, no show, no bloom, no bloom, one bloom.  That’s my record so far in the six years ‘Norfolk Blonde’ has been painfully tolerating the conditions of this garden.  This year to add insult to injury, a pale drop I found in a wild Ny population is putting out two blooms, and they look just as special as the blonde I paid for and have been nursing along.  #shadenfreude   

galanthus blonde inge

‘Blonde Inge’ again.  I love the clump this year and now with a little snow the yellow interior seems to glow through.

galanthus magnet

I’ve been informed this in not the real ‘Magnet’ and for now on I shall refer to it as ‘Notmagnet’.  I bought a “Real Magnet” and it’s kind of behind and a little to the right of center and looks just like ‘Notmagnet’ except for the label being different.  Don’t let a stray ‘Notmagnet’ on the far right distract you from the ‘Real Magnet’ just next to it, and just for the record I like ‘Notmagnet’ a lot because he’s a good doer. 

eranthis orange glow galanthus backhouse spectacles

This orange ‘Orange Glow’ Eranthis hiemalis really is aglow today in the snow. The spot where I threw all his seed last year was scraped by a bulldozer so I’m hoping for a new batch this spring.

galanthus rosemary burnham

‘Rosemary Burnham’ did indeed hold on to her color this year as a result of the cooler weather and refreshing snow.  She’s looking very elegant to me.

And that was fast.  This post only took about 30 minutes, but getting distracted by other snowdrop pictures, previous blog posts, Facebook snowdrop pictures, witch hazels, long term weather predictions, and potato pancakes all took their toll and brought the full investment to about two and a half hours.  Hmmm.  Me thinks someone is easily distracted 😉

19 comments on “Snowy Drops

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    They are looking very fine with their dusting of snow, Frank. I really like the green stripes of ‘Rosemary Burnham.’ I hope the storm goes easy on them.

  2. TimC says:

    Very good! As a collector of ‘Magnets’, I can attest that there at least a dozen of them, varying from slightly different to greatly the same. I would not take too seriously any assertion that yours is not real. It does exist, after all, is dangly, and has a single green inner mark. Close enough. Stick with it. It’s a Magnet.

  3. Pauline says:

    It’s amazing how they cope with the snow isn’t it, they are tough little things! At least your cold weather means that they will flower for longer, we have just had a warm spell and some of mine are over too quickly.

    • bittster says:

      Yes, we’ve had those warm spells which bring the season to an end far too quickly. This one has been special though. A good season with time to enjoy it. I shall not complain.

  4. The greens show up really well against that dusting of snow!

  5. Paddy Tobin says:

    Yeah, I’d go with ‘Magnet’ as well. I grow ‘Magnet’ and ‘Benton Magnet’ (very slightly smaller), both good growers, the latter especially so. On the other hand, ‘Kildare’ is doing fabulously for you. I lost a clump and have only a pot of young chippings coming along as a replacement. ‘Rosemary Burnham’ is very slow here with me, difficult for me to please. And, we went yesterday and bought a plant of Hamamelis ‘Aphrodite’….great minds etc!

    • bittster says:

      haha, funny you picked up an ‘Aphrodite’ and good for you. Mine seems to be doing well so hopefully that means it’s a strong grower.
      Both ‘Kildare’ and ‘Rosemary Burnham’ have been happier in drier parts of the garden. I don’t know if that means anything, but here at least they really don’t like a wet spot.

  6. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    Plus the snow is always distracting, to me anyway. I do like a pop of orange in the garden. The witch hazel looks like a good doer too.

  7. Cathy says:

    Potato pancakes? Yum! I must admit Rosemary B. caught my eye, but I did also make a note to order some cyclamen and Eranthis this autumn. 😁 It is nice to see a bit of colour in spring, as well as the whites.

    • bittster says:

      The potato pancakes were one of the highlights of the day!
      I wish the cyclamen would seed about a little more, but as long as they survive I really won’t complain. Anything colorful at this time of year that can manage to survive on its own is really nothing to complain about 🙂

  8. Oh, I love them! How nice! Rosemary there really is quite something! I imagine a little actual winter weather keeps them fresher and maybe they last a little longer? I keep thinking I need to get a witch hazel here. I *think* it’s deer resistant.

    • bittster says:

      Yes, you absolutely need a witch hazel or three! They are NOT rabbit resistant, so need some lower fencing, but from what I hear they can be deer resistant once the shrub gets established.
      …I guess that means there’s always a spiteful bambi who will chomp a new shrub just to be a jerk, but once they get bigger it will take too much effort on their part to make a mess out of something not-tasty.

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