A Beautiful Day in February

Wednesday was beautiful and I got home just in time to see the latest blooms opening under the soft glow of evening night.  That sounds exceptionally fantastic.  In reality I ran into the house, ignored the family, grabbed the camera, and rushed outside to grab some pictures before it became too dark for my mediocre photographic skills.  I almost made it all around the garden before dusk.  Things are great and beginning to enter the territory of full bloom, and it’s disgusting I have to work for a living.

galanthus diggory

‘Diggory’ is completely up and open and has taken on his distinctive ‘puff’ shape.  He’s really an exceptional snowdrop.

I’ll try to be quick today.

snowdrops and winter aconite

Alongside the driveway snowdrops and winter aconite are now joining with the pinks of the first cyclamen coum flowers.  This is my favorite early spring combination of blooms. 

galanthus blewbury tart

Alan Street’s ‘Blewbury Tart’ is a favorite of many snowdrop lovers.  For good reason.

galanthus green brush

‘Green Brush’ is picky here, and I’ve had to take up offers for replacements twice already, but he still stands out as an excellent green tipped snowdrop.   I hope he continues to multiply in this spot. 

galanthus ronald mackenzie

There was no begging an offset of ‘Ronald Mackenzie’ from anyone.  In a moment of insanity the gardener bought one of these “difficult to please in the garden” yellow snowdrops and is still holding his breath on year two, even though Ronald seems to tentatively approve of his planting site.

galanthus anglesey abbey

An orange snowdrop?  I almost gave a little gasp when I saw the tinted glow on ‘Anglesey Orange Tip”.  Last year I missed it (the color fades as the flower opens fully) but this year it’s unmistakable.

More snowdrops are yet to come, but today the front border along the street is beginning to gain a respectable show of yellow winter aconites. As an aside, it appears the gardener tried to get a stepping stone path started last year, but it also looks like he came up a little short…

‘Rosemary Burnham’ comes up with her deepest saturation of green and then fades either slowly or rapidly depending on the sun and temperature. If it gets cold tomorrow (which is predicted) this color should last nicely!

‘Brenda Troyle’ is one of the first named snowdrops planted here, and it’s nice to think that all the single bulbs will eventually become similar clumps given nine years of growing.

Hopefully that wasn’t too bad.  This weekend I’m planning to get in my annual snowdropping adventure to points South, so of course that always deserves a post of its own, and in just about two weeks (March 3&4) there’s David Culp’s Galanthus Gala in Downingtown Pa.  That’s a lot, so don’t start looking for a break in the snowdrop posts just yet.  If all goes well there are many more to come so keep that “oh nice Frank, good for you” comment ready ’cause I’m barely getting started.

18 comments on “A Beautiful Day in February

  1. Paddy Tobin says:

    Your snowdrops and companion plants are looking splendid.

  2. Oh! I love them! How nice! I clearly need to find a space where winter aconite will grow for me. I went for a hike at Prompton State Park on Wednesday, and by the end, we were all in our shirtsleeves. It really was pleasant. I guess just because it’s totally weird and unnatural doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy it while we have it. Make hay while the sun shines; carpe diem; gather ye rosebuds . . .

  3. Eliza Waters says:

    Your excitement is palpable, Frank. 🙂 You have some wonderful varieties there. I esp. loved the trio of pink, yellow and white. Beautiful!

    • bittster says:

      Eliza I’m a silly fool when the weather is nice and I have time to spend outside. I go around once and then go around three more times and then try to get something done but then get distracted by a different view of a snowdrop and…. well it’s fun for me at least 😉

  4. TimC says:

    Looking really nice! And well done on ‘Ronald Mackenzie’, which didn’t even bother to come up when planted here. That’s a very nice patch of ‘Rosemary Burnham’ too.

    • bittster says:

      I’m excited about Ronald and hope he keeps doing well since it’s such a nice drop. Being excited about a new drop is often the kiss of death here so I might start complaining about him a bit to throw the curse off. If you don’t ever see another photo of him it means my trick didn’t work.

  5. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    I can see The Gardener tiptoeing through the snowdrops on the stone path. It would be a delightful jaunt. I always look forward to those snowdrop musings. An ORANGE 🍊 snowdrop?? I must have missed that purchase. It sounds exciting to me. Have a fun weekend and keep that camera handy.

    • bittster says:

      It was easy to miss that last purchase. I’m in the habit of removing tags and sending receipts straight to recycling in order to keep the garden more green, and a side effect of that is a very hazy recollection of which plants are new and where they came from 😉

  6. OMG! Your garden looks so fabulous with all those blooms. It was 47° earlier in the week but now it’s an exciting 14°. Big snow storm yesterday so my garden is buried. I am politely jealous of your ability to go to snowdrop events. I am thinking maybe I will sign up for zoom talks at David Culp’s Gala. That orange snowdrop is too much. I was a very good girl last year and didn’t order any new expensive snowdrops. Don’t think that restraint will last.

    • bittster says:

      That is high praise coming from you! Thanks for saying that. I’ve reached the point where some of my snowdrop patches are visible from over 10 feet and for me at least I can imagine it’s starting to look like a snowdrop garden.
      I guess snowdrop things are a little more accessible here, even if they all do require at least two hours in the car to start, but that still beats having to fly or overnight it, so…
      I’ll let you know when I’m moving snowdrops again, there are always a few to share.

  7. pbmgarden says:

    You are really in your element in your garden. The snowdrops are exceptional.

    • bittster says:

      Thanks, I really am loving this ‘spring’ and the snowdrops. We don’t have a whole bunch of winter blooming options up here so this is about as good as it gets 😉
      All the best!

  8. Cathy says:

    Your winter garden is lovely Frank. The orange tipped snowdrop is remarkable. 😃

    • bittster says:

      You really have to get your nose right in there to see the orange, but it’s fun to get a glimpse of future snowdrops. Yellow, orange… some say apricot is on the way as well and although I like the white well enough it’s good to keep the options open!

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