A Hawaiian Shirt

Normally I try to give this flower bed a little respect, calling it the tropical bed instead of just “the mess”, but for whatever reason this year it really is a mess.  The usual tropicals went to fill up new bed space this spring and I didn’t save enough goodies for here, plus it was planted late too…. (more excuses)…. and about half the plants are volunteers that just came up on their own, so it’s a patchwork of screaming colors.

Red salvia is loved by the hummingbirds, but the color really asserts itself.  Some people have poo-pooed this pairing with the violet verbena as too “bleech”, but I think it could have been worse.red salvia splendens  The bigger view shows the weediness of the planting…..

tropicalismo garden

I suppose I could have ripped out the amaranthus plants that came up (they’re the tall leafy stalks) and the squirrel ravaged sunflower is no beauty…. and the white buddleia in front of the white fence…. I could go on and on….

But it’s bright and colorful and it was meant to be vibrant.  Next year I’m hoping to add a little green to calm it down and going back to more cannas to make it a little more “solid”.  The white will be moved out.tropicalismo garden

The “summer poinsettia”  is actually starting to grow on me, it’s the dark purple leaf which is developing the red tops.  I like its lushness and maybe if I can just find some good neighbors it will really make a statement…. not that it’s keeping quiet now 🙂

5 comments on “A Hawaiian Shirt

  1. What is the summer poinsettia? I haven’t ever seen that plant before. Interesting!

  2. bittster says:

    It’s one of those amaranthus types. Some have the long hanging bloom heads, this species has the colored leaves. I’ve seen them with a burst of yellow at the top, yellow and orange, hot pink! I’m liking them more this year. I think some people call them ‘Joseph’s coat’ and they may be an heirloom plant that’s gone out of style over the years. Maybe it’s time they come back!
    They self sowed this year, and the purple leaved seedlings were easy to pick out from among the bitter cress.

  3. I like it! Stop with the self-deprecation! What are you, from Minnesota? The white buddleia surrounded by the red salvia and amaranth is great!

    • bittster says:

      Hmmmm, I like the way you think! Bigger and bolder then? Sounds like a plan!
      … I did like Minnesota, it was just a one night stand and then off to the Dakotas, but I wouldn’t mind going back. Just not in winter or early spring or fall or on a really hot day 🙂

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