Philadelphia Flower Show Time

The signs of spring keep building.  A major one from last week was the return of turkey vultures to the skies above the valley.  I never really gave it much thought, but they are migratory and they do head back up north when things start to thaw out, so I guess they are a good sign of higher thermometer readings.  Them being vultures you can figure out on your own what it is that draws them back, but it’s not just flowers that appear when the snow recedes.
For a different dose of spring, a friend and I made a mid-week road trip down to the flower show.  This was the 185th show held by the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society and this year’s theme was “Brilliant” and had a British flair to it.

philadelphia flower show 2013

There was a music video show every hour on the Big Ben screen.  It was funky and modern and not what I was expecting, but its been a couple years since I was last to this show.  I was also surprised by all the cash bars (there’s one in the front left of the above photo) and snack stands sprinkled throughout the show.  Maybe it was geared for the evening visitors, but I saw plenty of afternoon beverages being served.  Made me wish for summer garden tours with a favorite beverage in hand, but being on a hard-core tour schedule, we opted out.

Florist displays were popular, table settings galore.  I do like a green/white theme.

philadelphia flower show 2013

or a nice flower thicket looming over the dinner table.

philadelphia flower show 2013

This one makes me think late night party with way too much wine.

philadelphia flower show 2013

I think this one was a bronze manufacturer out of England (not a florist).  Their display was a “Wonderland” theme.  I liked it!

philadelphia flower show 2013

That’s enough table settings, I prefer the little yardscapes much more.  Here are a couple I could see inspiring someone to do the same to their own place…. not me of course, I can barely keep up with the weeding and planting.

philadelphia flower show 2013

This is also take home worthy, even though there’s a bit too much “stuff” laying around (crap maybe?)… but to be honest I love having a bunch of interesting crap around!

philadelphia flower show 2013

I wish I could take better pictures, mine just doesn’t do this display justice.  View for this display goes through the gate, down a flower lined grass path, and continues through a brick potting shed, and out to another garden.  Nice plan and plants!

philadelphia flower show 2013

This one also appealed to me.  Probably not much to take home, although I do have a pair of disfunctional wheelbarrows, but I liked it.  There’s a nice wall-o-cabbage and other brassicas for a backdrop.

philadelphia flower show 2013

There were other great displays, but I won’t bore you with photos that get a little too far into the out of focus.  Last one for the post is a mailbox entry from under the sea.  The kids were impressed when they saw this picture, lets hope they don’t expect a mailbox overhaul at our own house.

philadelphia flower show 2013

Now it’s off to the ‘Horticourt” for individual plant entries!

2 comments on “Philadelphia Flower Show Time

  1. Carla Trego says:

    Hi. I just found your site and have enjoyed reading what you have written. I was surprised to see a picture of my clubs entry at the show (the deck with all the stuff)
    I just started a blog of my own and I enjoy seeing what other people are writing. Enjoy the fall season
    Thanks Carla

    • bittster says:

      Hi Carla, thanks for the comment!
      Imagine that, coming across some of your own work from years ago on the web. See how all that effort and hard work pays off and makes a difference for people who you never even imagine you’ll meet!
      All the best for your autumn as well as your new blog!

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