Winter aconite

I guess with a name like winter aconite there’s no kidding anyone that spring is here, but I guess I’ll take anything in February.  These bulbs were moved last summer and now I feel like a squirrel trying to remember where I put them.  I swear I had more.

winter aconite

Winter aconite (Eranthis hiemalis)


2 comments on “Winter aconite

  1. I love winter aconite, but have never had any luck with it here. I’ve planted it two different falls, and not seen hide nor hair of it the following springs. When I lived in Albany, NY, one of my neighbors had a backyard full of it, and on the very first mildly warm day in February, there it was, a veritable sea of yellow!

    • bittster says:

      Mine are hit or miss so far. They survive, but only did really good in the one spot where I had to remove them all from. Someday they’ll take off and when they do I’ll have plenty to share!

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