Breaking the back of winter

We might be getting close.  It’s still winter, but based on the strength of the sun and melting snow, I’m going to call it late winter.  To me it matters.  If it wasn’t for the low of 17F that’s sitting in the weekly forecast I might even say it’s early early spring…. but not yet.

Winter Aconite (eranthis hyemalis) has joined the ranks of flowers braving the cold.

winter flowers

Yellow winter aconite alongside the first snowdrops


The cyclamen coum are trying to make a go at it, but really get no respect from the kids….. Actually I have to say they are pretty conscientious about being careful, but when it’s 25F and windy and they have to clean up, things get tossed about a bit.

cyclamen coum

The first of the Cyclamen coum.  You wouldn’t think a cyclamen would want to brave our winters…

hamamelis pallida

Witch hazel (Hamamelis pallida)

The witch hazel is still going strong.  I bet it could use an evergreen background to show off a little better, but I would first need evergreens for that

The hellebores still have a way to go,  I wouldn’t call this a vision of spring just yet, but there’s hope.  With March coming maybe I can start cleaning this mess up.

winter hellebore foliage

The attractive winter foliage of a Hellebore in Pennsylvania in February.

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