A Rained Out Weekend

The long holiday weekend was just what I needed to get a good start on the daylily farm.  A decent amount of divisions got into the ground in between neighbors stopping by and dogs escaping from porches and getting the pool ready for the end of the season.  I was about to call it quits for the day when my Brother in Law’s fiancee stopped by looking for him.  Usually he’s the first one to get started on the pool and I’m the one who wants to hold on to summer forever.  I guess the reason for that is I hate admitting it’s going to be cold and dark for months and maybe I don’t entirely believe that the spring and return to life is guaranteed.  It was about five minutes after that when I heard the screaming.  Across the yard I ran, first cursing and then yelling to call 911 since I must have already known what to expect.  Everything from the farm lies where I threw it and it’s been raining since.

new daylily bed

Daylily divisions in the farm.

It’s been warm and we got a lot of rain, maybe somewhere around five inches, and the speed at which a few things have already recovered is a surprise.  I’ll be off tomorrow for a funeral so maybe I’ll take a look at where the daylilies left off and hope that takes the edge off what’s mostly become anger, but we will see.  One day at a time right now.

Thanks ahead of time.  I think I’ve disabled commenting for this post but I appreciate what I know would be nothing but support and good thoughts.  Have a good week.