Tuesday View: The Front Border 9.12.17

Of course I could go on and on about the Tuesday view this week, but free time has been in short supply lately.  The kids are back into their routine and there seems to be an endless parade of games and practices and parties and very little time for anything else… unless you count Sunday afternoon.  It was a beautiful afternoon and a big chunk of time was set aside to just soak up the sun and enjoy the last days of summer.  Some gardeners can’t sit still when there’s work to do.  I’m not one of them.

front border

The Tuesday View of the front border. Things are starting to feel the season but I’m counting on a long fade into autumn.

Even though the gnats are terrible I must have spent a good couple hours here and there in protected locations just taking it all in.  Usually ‘taking it in’ included a drink or snack or just sitting and staring but I made sure to slow down and enjoy.  If you want to think of it as being careful that would be more polite than considering it lazy.  You never know what next week will bring so it’s always safer to enjoy things while they’re here.

front border

A view from the side.  It’s not often that the ‘Limelight’ hydrangea blushes pink for me but the cool nights and consistent moisture seem to be working.  SO much nicer than dried up brown…

There are still a few things to come for autumn but we’re almost at the end of the Tuesday road.  Chrysanthemums and asters are maybe another week or two and then after that it’s cleanup and frost.  Ouch.  It hurts to even say the F word.

kniphofia burning embers

I was surprised by this red hot poker the first year it bloomed.  I wasn’t expecting it so late in the season but there it is every September.  This is last week’s photo of kniphofia ‘Burning Embers’, and it’s a plant which would probably appreciate some more breathing room, but you get what you get.

So this week it’s a calm and mellow contribution to Cathy’s Tuesday View.  The weather here and the time of year seem to demand it but if you’d like to visit with a few other more industrious gardeners give Words and Herbs a visit and see what Cathy and others are up to as they track their Tuesdays throughout the year.  Have a good one!

20 comments on “Tuesday View: The Front Border 9.12.17

  1. johnvic8 says:

    I would sure like to know how you get such perfect, luscious green grass. What’s your secret?

    • bittster says:

      My secret is blessings from above! It’s been raining at exactly the right time all summer and there was only maybe one span in August when the grass went a few days without anything less than the perfect amount of water. Normally the lawn looks horrible at this time of year.

  2. I really don’t believe that you sit around all Sunday afternoon. Those beds look too neat and tidy for a guy that still goes to work 5 days a week.

    • bittster says:

      Well maybe I didn’t sit around all Sunday, but I sure did put those porch chairs to good use for the day.
      My trick is to only take pictures after I mow the lawn. My analysis shows that the yard looks 98% neater after mowing, and you don’t even notice 85% of the weeds. Camera angles help with everything else 😉

  3. Pauline says:

    Your border is still stunning! Love the colour of your kniphofia, it really sings out among the other flowers.

  4. Cathy says:

    It is sooooo lovely Frank! I am glad you took some time just to enjoy it and soak up all that loveliness! The summer has been so kind to your garden this year but your planting and choice of flowers is also a major factor. Give yourself a pat on the back and I hope you get another couple of sunny Sunday afternoons before it all starts fading. 🙂

    • bittster says:

      Thanks Cathy! I hope it holds out for another few weeks, but it is finally starting to show its age. Funny to think I was looking for ideas back in April to fill all the empty spots. I guess that worked itself out!

  5. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    You deserve to sit and enjoy all your hard work. I often have my best thoughts about changes, additions, subtractions to do in the garden while sitting there enjoying it.

    • bittster says:

      I’m the same way! Tons of ideas and brilliant plans are formed while sitting around but unfortunately in my case I usually forget about them as soon as I get up 😉

  6. It looks great but what really amazes me is that crisp edge. A lot of effort went into that but it sets everything off so beautifully.

    • bittster says:

      I really hate the mess of using the string trimmer, but it does make a huge difference and I can usually get away with skipping a few weeks here and there without too much difference. Clear edges are always a plus!

  7. Eliza Waters says:

    Beautiful work, Frank. It isn’t easy to just sit back and enjoy one’s garden, it takes fortitude! Strength, not laziness. 😉

  8. I think these are my favorite pictures of your front border, Frank. Love the blushing ‘Limelight,’ Can’t wait for the one I planted last fall to be as big as yours. I’m surprised you found time to post since school is back in session. And glad you found time to enjoy your garden. P. x

    • bittster says:

      Thanks Pamela,
      I think you’ll really love ‘Limelight’ once it settles in, it flowers so long and is so reliable!
      The start of school is the easy part, once things get going that’s when my time evaporates. Plus all the after school activities and full weekends complete with sleepovers, there’s always something and I do miss the summer… even though it sure does feel like July today…

  9. Doesn’t look like it needs work at all. Looks pretty great, actually. Sitting still and taking it all in is an important skill for gardeners, especially when there are gnats.

    • bittster says:

      Thanks Jason. I’m hoping it still doesn’t look neglected since I’ve done next to nothing for yet another week… but once winter comes it’s a complete reset so it all works out!

  10. Ah, I’m a fellow gardener and I KNOW you weren’t just sitting around admiring the garden on Sunday – you were thinking about the changes that you want to make! (“Hmmm. Need a little more color in this area, so maybe I should try adding in xyz. And that is much too big for the space now, so time to divide it next spring and share some around.”) I guess you admitted as much in a response to an earlier comment, though. Whatever you’re doing, whatever mix of thinking and doing and just enjoying, keep doing it – the border looks fabulous!

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