Happy Memorial Day 2017

Here in the US Monday marks Memorial Day, a day when we honor those who’ve lost their lives serving in the armed forces.  It’s also the unofficial start to summer, and although I haven’t gotten around to filling the front porch containers these amaryllis were just too nice to leave hidden away next to the garage.  Hopefully their blooms will distract visitors from the as-yet-leafless overwintered begonia pots.

summer amaryllis

A day earlier and this would have been a suitably patriotic red, white, and blue combo, but last night the blustery winds pulled most of the last petals off the columbine clumps.     

The year before last I was all gung-ho about growing amaryllis (hippeastrum) again.  There was a beautiful show indoors as one after another opened but lo and behold as quickly as it came on it’s passed again.  This winter there were a few which came up and flowered indoors (and were appreciated), but the rest were tossed out of the garage as soon as temperatures allowed and have had to fend for themselves with whatever warmth and rain the weather has brought.

shade foliage

A few more amaryllis at the other end of the porch.  I really should cut the double and put it in a vase… 

A better gardener would repot and fertilize their amaryllis at this time of year.  Heavy feeding and plenty of moisture are the perfect recipe for building blooming size bulbs for next year and getting a jump on the next season’s flowers, but I’m far too distracted with swingsets, deck planters, iris flowers and barbeques.  Three days off from work will pass far too quickly.

mixed border bearded iris

I’m still completely distracted with iris season.  The chances that more clumps will go in and be spread around this June is nearly 100%.  Who needs marigolds.

I hope your weekend has gone well and you’ve had luck with both the weather and the to-do list.  Please wish me luck in still getting the lawn cut and vegetable garden planted on our final day off… neither has happened as of yet and that sounds like an awful lot of work for a holiday.  Maybe if I spent less time staring at the iris that would b a start, but this time of year goes so fast and I’d hate to miss a minute of it.

16 comments on “Happy Memorial Day 2017

  1. Indie says:

    What gorgeous iris! I would love to see a closeup of that pink iris over there in the background! It’s been a busy weekend here, too, planting, putting a stepping stone path into the garden, and various projects. Today is threatening rain, though. Happy Memorial Day!

    • bittster says:

      Hi Indie,
      Sorry for the late reply but the pink iris is either ‘Folkwang’ (check out my last post) or it’s a pink rose coming along t the end of the border.
      Sounds like you’ve been busy!

  2. johnvic8 says:

    I do wish you luck in getting the yard mowed and the veggies in. But don’t forget the barbecue and something cool. Happy Memorial Day!

  3. I do like those amaryllis! You’ve inspired me to think about repotting and fertilizing all of mine before I set them outside for the summer! I planted a lot of annuals Saturday and Sunday, and moved my Hellebore ‘Pink Frost’ down the hill, so I’m not unhappy with the rain today. Either is my daughter, who doesn’t have to get up early to go march in a parade today! I was hoping to get the canna bulbs into the ground today, though! Hope you have an enjoyable day off!

    • bittster says:

      Canna planting seems like ages ago, doesn’t it?
      I’ve been wondering why several of the amaryllis looked stunted and after a little poking around it looks like the roots died for one reason or another. I guess I’ll be repotting after all and hopefully it was just something stupid I forgot I did back in February or march -i.e. water under the bridge 🙂

  4. Hey, maybe I will toss my amaryllis out of the dining room. Today’s rain and clouds might be a way to gently acclimate them to the great outdoors for the summer. Even without the blue, the red and white look pretty patriotic, and not what people normally expect for Memorial Day–which in my book is a bonus.

    • bittster says:

      Usually amaryllis in March annoy me as being out of season, but this year I’m absolutely happy with them. Looks like they’ll be getting some better treatment after all!

  5. Cathy says:

    Your Amaryllis are enviable Frank! Hope you got a few jobs done, but managed to enjoy the last day of the long weekend too. 🙂

    • bittster says:

      Surprisingly enough I’ve been getting quite a few things done in the garden, I think it explains my hit or miss posting this time of year, but for every one thing you get done it seems there are a dozen new jobs popping up… and the lawn keeps on growing and growing!

  6. Eliza Waters says:

    So many beautiful iris and hippeastrum you have! I was actually glad it rained today to give my body a break from the endless list of garden chores. Hope you were successful in knocking off your list, Frank.

    • bittster says:

      Thanks Eliza. For as much as I like good gardening weather, a rain break is always a treat and sitting inside for a few hours helps it seem less like work.

  7. Christina says:

    It is always important to stop, look and enjoy the garden; it shouldn’t just be work.

    • bittster says:

      Sometimes gardening does seem like an endless string of tasks, but you’re right, there always needs to be some rest and reflection as well since otherwise what’s the point!?

  8. The garden always looks so good at this point that it is important to enjoy it. Though I admit I work and wander and work some more rather than enjoying the view from the deck. Nothing like Iris season!

    • bittster says:

      ‘Work and wander”, I like that! -although I know I do much more wandering overall 🙂
      If I could only just get a few minutes of weeding in each day I’d be in good shape. I get fixated on the projects and the little things start falling through the cracks.

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