GBFD August ’16

They say better late than never, but according to that theory just about everything I do should be better… and I know that’s not the case, so I’ll let you be the judge.

I’ve let a few too many of Christina’s Garden Blogger Foliage Days pass by without a decent post, and that’s a shame since I really enjoy her prodding us to take a monthly step back to look past all the flowers.  The flash of flowers often catches the eye and as a result foliage often fades into the periphery of subconscious thought, so on the 22nd of each month it’s not the worst idea to look around and consider what the leafiness of your garden is doing for the bigger picture.

lasagna garden bed

The bed-which-I-can’t-decide-what-to-do-with just before we left on our camping trip.

I showed the above picture just a few days ago and although I knew there were a few weeds sprouting I just didn’t get to them before we left.  Let me just insert here that this is not going to be the “decent post” which GBFD deserved this month because it’s a post on only one type of foliage, and that’s the quick growing green of crabgrass and other uninvited leafy pests.

weedy flower bed crabgrass

The same bed exactly one week later.  A bounty of rain, heat, and sunshine plus a fertile soil (the dumping spot for our rabbit’s used bedding) have greened up everything.  Even the clover and creeping Charlie have filled in any last remaining dead patches in the “lawn”.

I spent a recent afternoon clearing out all the lush growth.  The bed is empty again but this time I stuck a few stray cuttings here and there and with a little luck perhaps I’ll have some more varied foliage for September’s GBFD.  At the very least it might give the weeds a little competition since apparently there’s not much slowing them down now.

Thanks for humoring me with this ‘foliage’ post and if you haven’t already been over please consider giving Christina a visit to see what others have done this month with their posts.  You won’t be disappointed.

4 comments on “GBFD August ’16

  1. Christina says:

    At least you had some rain Frank!!!! Perhaps too, GBFD prompted you to some swift action in clearing the weeds which will pay dividends as at least none of this will seed. Thanks for joining GBFD; what you wrote was very kind, thank you.

    • bittster says:

      Although I did like the healthy green of the unweeded bed, the tended look is so much better, and as you say, not letting them go to seed is the real bonus!
      I have spotted in a few foliage plants, but they’re all annuals which does not help my indecisiveness as to what should go here.

  2. It’s really amazing, isn’t it, how plants can suddenly put on massive growth when the conditions are right?

    • bittster says:

      I actually checked the dates on the photos twice to make sure things really did grow that fast, and as I was pulling things up I wanted to call a plant breeder and ask them why they haven’t worked on making these weeds more useful. I could have fed my family all week on this weed patch!

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