I’m a sucker for a nice dahlia.  There are a few I overwinter each year, but one cold night last winter I broke down and committed to some new ones.  Here are the first of them, cut and artfully (hah!) arranged on the kitchen table.

growing dahlias

The three peachy ones towards the front have been with me for years, but the others are all new.  I got my new ones from Swan Island Dahlias, but you can do the same (maybe cheaper) at any box store or general bulb seller in the spring.  Mine all appear to be exactly as labeled, cheaper sources are sometimes hit or miss….. but if you just want a couple beautiful flowers, is a name that important?  They also look great in the garden.  Here’s “Moonstruck” which is the best bloomer so far.growing dahlias

“Plum Pretty” is already a new favorite.  I love the pointy petals of the cactus type, and these have a lighter bottom that shows when the petals curl.growing dahlias

“Pink Petticoat” is a little girly for me in both name and color but if pushed I’ll admit I like the two toned color and the smooth wide petals.  It also has outer petals that curl back around to the stem, and I think this is important for show quality blooms, but mine rarely go further than the kitchen!growing dahlias

Ok.  So I really like Pink Petticoat too.

I find dahlias easy to grow.  Most of mine are in the vegetable garden since it’s easier to plant and dig there, and I don’t do anything special as far as care.  A full sun spot, a little compost when planting, a bit of miracle grow if they look pale, and a stake to keep them upright, and you should be good to go.  That reminds me, mine are still unstaked…  another do as I say, not as I do moment 🙂

5 comments on “Dahlias!

  1. I love dahlias, too. Yours look fantastic. I only have one at present, and it has thrown in the towel for the summer–perhaps a bit too wet and muggy this year? I must remember to add more to the garden next year.

    • bittster says:

      I also have one thats under the weather, but I think it’s overcrowding, not rain. We’ve been dry for long enough that the grass has been dead for weeks. Good for mowing, not good for watering flower beds….
      I also might have to add a few new dahlias. I always crack some time in February 🙂

  2. I respect your love of dahlias, but I cannot share it. They remind me of chrysanthemums. I don’t like chrysanthemums. I think the only dahlia I really like is a red single called Bishop of Llandaff or something like that.

    • bittster says:

      I don’t think dahlias are considered “tasteful” by many people…. Not a problem here as I’m rarely accused of having good taste. I’ll try to stay away from the dinner plate ones, they’re so over the top, but I can’t make any guarantees.
      My dahlias fit in well with the marigolds and red salvia :). I’m going to pre-warn you for fall. I have several chrysanthemums that over wintered and should put on a nice show.

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