Early July update

I would have thought that by now my latest project would be complete.  I’m in the process of widening the flower bed that runs along the street, and even though it’s been humid, hot and rainy I still won’t admit it might have been a better idea to wait until fall.  So I’ll try to distract everyone from that thought with some pictures.

The phlox are here!  This picture is a week old, but it’s one of my newest colors so of course I’m excited about it.  The full name is phlox paniculata “Nicky” and it’s dark dark dark.  I had to prop it up a bit, but since this is year one I’m willing to give it another growing season before calling it a flopper.garden phlox paniculata

You’ll see more phlox soon since they’re a favorite, but first here’s an underrated summer bloomer, hosta “blue cadet”.  I only have a few hostas, but I’d rate this one highly.  It’s old but always respectable and easy in sun or shade.  I like it here under the porch plantings and it does a good job of shading all the spring bulbs and hiding their dying foliage.  Note the edge on that lawn!  You don’t see that too often in my yard.hosta blue cadet In the backyard the addition of bird netting has saved some blueberries for the slower berry lovers.  This morning’s pickings were enough for a whole blueberry pancake!  Who knows, maybe in another year or two we’ll be able to put together a couple muffins.blueberry net

I guess I can put in a couple front border pictures.  Here’s the newly dug section.  The cannas are sprouting in the heat and the sedum doesn’t seem to care about being moved and divided on a 92F afternoon.new flower bedI made it almost to the halfway point.  The grass is getting turned under and I’m putting in whatever annuals are still homeless.  A few perennials are moving around too but it’s mostly iris clumps getting ripped out and divided and sedums finding a new spot.new flower bedAt the rate I’m moving I should get to this end around Sept. 25th.  Then I’ll probably want to spread mulch over it all…. and weed first since by then I’m sure they will be all over.  Oh well, maybe someday I’ll get my act together.new flower bed

Projects are always fun but the zucchini are blooming and that can mean only one thing.  All work will stop as we try and get rid of the extras.  I always plant four hills and I always end up with about four times what I need.  Who would ever trust that the little seeds I put in the ground would ever amount to anything?  But they do and now I’ll pay the price.   For this one hill I can count at least four and they’ll be ready in another day or two…. so get the recipes ready.zucchini blossom

12 comments on “Early July update

  1. pbmgarden says:

    You’re making good progress–just keep on doing! I like the deep color of your phlox.

    • bittster says:

      thank! I’m going to try. I still have plants that need to get in the ground (it’s only mid July!) Today is a bit cooler so maybe I can get in an hour.

  2. Your front border is looking good. Your bed curves nice and smooth. Don’t get too impatient, think about next spring.

    • bittster says:

      thanks, and that’s good advice. I just hate to think the optimism of spring is gone and I have to wait until next year…. but I think this is it. When I’m done here it’s time to sit back, enjoy the flowers, watch the butterflies…. and hope for baby cardinals too!

  3. Patricia Christianson says:

    How lovely! Aren’t zucchini blossoms edible? Batter them and fry them–then there won’t be so many to give away!

    • bittster says:

      That’s a great idea. thanks! I just looked up a couple recipes and just two words won me over: ‘cheese’ and ‘fried’. looks like we have today’s lunch all lined up:)

  4. You really have a nice sized planting bed. Making it wider is always advice I give because many never have them wide enough to look proportional to the plants within and also to the house which is large. You also have a nice bed edge which makes a finished appearance. Like you, I love Phlox and can’t get enough in my garden. I was going to suggest eating the zucchini flowers too. I never tried them, but have a friend that says they are good fried up.

    • bittster says:

      Thanks for the comments, you’re absolutely right about the border size. I like taller plants and now that I look out there the wider bed seems a better fit…. provided I don’t cram it too full too fast (always a problem). And it does look more in scale with the house and the lawn areas.
      One of these days I’ll post pictures of a foundation bed redo I started this spring. There’s still something missing or “off” and I’d like to hear what you think!

      • I would be happy to help if I can. I know the cramming syndrome, I suffer from that too on occasion. I am more likely to take too long to split up perennials though.

      • bittster says:

        Splitting perennials is tough for me too, I always feel like I should find homes for all the divisions and not “waste” them…. but over the years I’m becoming more ruthless and most end up in the compost pile. It saves so much time and relieves you from that standing around scratching your head with a plant division in hand.

  5. Your borders are so nice and neat and crisp looking! Must be the sharp shovel!

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