Mid June Color

I’ve been feeling a little insecure about the garden.  It looks ok in spots, but there’s just not much that I consider worth posting.  I’m trying, and I think I’m making a little headway in weeding and planting, but it’s still a mess.  Apparently that leaves me with two choices, either put off posting or post the ugly.  I’m going with the second.  Maybe if I had more skills I could do a couple flower closeups, but my photography just isn’t there so as a result you’re left with weedy, unmulched, undeadheaded garden scenes….. Enjoy!

Here’s “William Baffin” (I believe), a climbing rose that hasn’t yet begun to climb.  It has started suckering though, and I was surprised and pleased to see the suckers blooming as well, and in the same color!  The variegated grass in back is Arundo Donax “variegata”, an awesome bold grass that should reach at least 10 feet by frost.  Because of the size it’s not for everyone and before you get too attached I want you to know it doesn’t keep this color all season.  It tends to “green-out” once heat and drought kick in.rose william baffin

“Blue Hill” salvia.  Nothing fancy about this one.  I call it a parking lot plant since it shows up all over the place, but my snobbery hasn’t pulled it out yet.  Looks like my snobbery also has yet to pull out the horseweed and old iris stalks that frame this picture.  (but give me credit for cropping out the dead dogwood which is right next to this)salvia blue hill

Another parking lot plant, I think it might be a “red carpet” rose, blooming away.  I tried not to show too much of the suffering yucca transplant growing to the front but couldn’t get it all out.  This is an old planting in the newly expanded front bed and hopefully one day I’ll be confident enough to show it off.  I’m back and forth on the colors here and can’t seem to work out what’s nicest in front of the brick.  So far red, yellows and gray are showing up most but I’m still not sure it’s a good look.rose red carpet

This is where I’m focusing right now.  The bed along the street needs a once over to get rid of old iris stalks, rip out overcrowded perennials, plant a couple annual patches, and hopefully get a layer of mulch….. oh and also widen the bed another foot or two 🙂June perennial border

It’s hard to see in the grainy photo, but there’s about a billion fennel seedlings that need to come up.  They’re nice and airy and I like a couple but enough is enough.



2 comments on “Mid June Color

  1. Wow! Your garden is full of beautiful flowers! You have quite the green thumb! Keep it up! 🙂

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