That wasn’t smart

Do as I say, not as I do, in this care it applies to wearing garden gloves.  Usually I do a pretty good job of keeping them on, but I was next door moving some stuff for my MIL, there were tools out, some bushes that could use a little pruning, and before I knew it I was applying pressure for two hours in the waiting area of the emergency room.gardening injury

Seven stitches later I was back home working my way through a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.  Calcium is an important part of any recovery program.

I guess I’ll take it easy for a couple days, but there are things that need planting and the weather is heating up!  Things need to get in the ground while it’s still cool.  Fortunately the kids are jumping right in to help.  My four year old came in and wanted an ice pop opened so I grabbed the scissors to make the cut.  She looked at me, reached for the scissors and said “Daddy wait.  I’ll do it.  I don’t want you cutting yourself again.”

So other than losing the confidence of a preschooler there is the bonus of extra sitting around time.  Yesterday I put together two early bulb orders that I’d been considering but dragging my feet on.  New corydalis and snowdrops should go a long way in easing my pain… and the ice cream didn’t hurt either…. but I’m running out of space on my hand for Dora stickers.

2 comments on “That wasn’t smart

  1. Wishing you a rapid and complete recovery. I find ice cream and Dora stickers to be quite curative, personally.

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