Finally some springtime weather.  The crocus jumped at the chance to soak up a little sun and warmth and give the bees a chance to do their thing.  These are in a warm spot near the house, but even in the open garden stuff is starting to show up.naturalized crocusWe were all home for an extended Easter weekend and I was determined to get the yard ready for spring.  Thursday was a warmup day with a little cleaning out front, Friday the big bed along the street, and Saturday I spent most of the afternoon cleaning the backyard.  It still looks a bit grey and dreary but there sprouts showing all over.

One plant that looks better than ever is cyclamen coum.  It’s been blooming through snow and ice, rain and frost.  They’ve been giving color since late February.  These are just two year old seedlings, but I bet they’ll outlast the crocus. cyclamen coum

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