More snowdrops from the Temple Nursery

Here’s the second installment of photos from our visit to Hitch Lyman’s garden.  These pictures are all taken on the bank of earth that lined the one side of the driveway leading up to the house.  The drops (and a few other things such as cyclamen coum) seemed happy on the slope, even though there didn’t seem to be much in the way of soil improvement or mulching or any other tinkering with the planting area.  But I don’t know that for sure, all I know is there were plenty of nice looking galanthus and even in the cold weather they were a hopeful sign of spring.

galanthus sickle

Cyclamen coum and Galanthus ‘Sickle’ looking somewhat chilly

galanthus Warham

Galanthus ‘Warham’

I’ve always been a big fan of snowdrops.  When the first warm days of spring rolled around I’d always make a point of swinging by the yards and parks where I knew there were a couple growing.  Although they were one of my favorite flowers, when I tried growing them in my parent’s garden they  never really settled in.  They just hung on.

The ones at the Temple Nursery seem to be doing much better.  If you’re curious as to snowdrop names, a mouse hovering over the photo will hopefully show their identity.  In this photo, the one on the right is galanthus “Sophie North” and it was one of my favorites.  The blooms were big and fat and at this point when they’re still tucked in by the foliage I think they’re perfect.

galanthus sophie north and sentinel

Galanthus ‘Sophie North’ on the right and ‘Sentinel’ to the left

This was my first opportunity to see a lot of named snowdrops in the flesh, and it may have made a snowdrop snob out of me.  I’m beginning to pick up on  the variations and differences.  Here’s “Spindlestone Surprise” which even an amateur like me can pick out as being different from the usual green-whiteness.

galanthus spindlestone surprise

Galanthus ‘Spindlestone Surprise’

yellow snowdrop

Yellow snowdrop

But I still can’t tell too many of them apart (and never with any certainty unless there’s a label stuck right next to it).  Here’s another yellow, and although there was a “Wendy’s Gold” label nearby, I don’t see much of a difference between this and the other yellow.

I may be drifting into snowdrop-snobbery but I still think I’ll be fine with just a couple.  Fyi they’re on order for shipment this spring.

Here are the last few pictures.   “Lodestar” shows a little green even when closed, and the blooms splay out a bit instead of having the round drop shape.

galanthus lodestar

Galanthus ‘Lodestar’

Wasp has a longer narrow bloom, looking a little sad in the cold.

galanthus wasp

The long wing-like petals of Galanthus ‘Wasp’

galanthus naughton

Galanthus ‘Naughton’

I think this is Naughton. I really like the fat blooms, no green showing, and the curled Pedicle (or at least I think that’s what you call the green thing over the bloom.





Not to leave things on a down note, but some snowdrops looked like they took a hit from the cold.  Here’s “Lord Monosticus”, and it appears the blooms got more than their fair share of winter cold.  I’ve had this happen in my garden with some of the earliest ones, and they recover fine for next season, but it’s sad to see.  This one was actually on my short list for ordering.  I’d like a real early one, but maybe it’s not worth the stress.

galanthus lord monostictus

Galanthus ‘Lord Monostictus’ after a rough spring

So that’s it for the snowdrops, I guess they’re not everyone’s “thing” but I kinda like them.  Also there’s not much else going on here as another 4 inches of snow comes down……

4 comments on “More snowdrops from the Temple Nursery

  1. Kevin Sowa says:

    Very nice commentary and photos. What’s with that co-pilot???

    • bittster says:

      Thanks Kevin. The co-pilot may not care much about maps and directions, but he does have a knack for baked goods, and no matter how lost I get a nice muffin always makes things right.

  2. Pootershow says:

    A little over a month away for 2014’s tour of Hitch’s…I’m crossing my fingers there will be no snow covering the bulbs.

    • bittster says:

      A little sunshine and warmth wouldn’t hurt either…. plus easy on the wind, no travel mishaps, a good night’s sleep.
      Ok, now I’m pushing it. One month to go and I’m already getting excited!

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