Restless Woodchuck

The monarchs have been the only major migration to move through our yard in these fading days of autumn, one calm day brought over a dozen to feed on the verbenas that dot the vegetable garden, but it passed quickly and we are back to being a butterfly desert just like we were all summer.  It’s still too early for the lines of geese to cross the sky as they dodge freezing weather further north and head to the warmer waters of the south….. but I guess it’s the perfect time for young groundhogs (or woodchucks) to scurry on off and find new territories to invade and set up camp in as they hunker down for their winter sleep.  Cole crops seem to make a perfect pre-hibernation snack for a traveling brush hog.groundhog damage to cabbages

However cute this guy might be I do not want him setting up shop in the yard permanently.  In the old neighborhood there were enough shotguns around to take care of this, but up here it’s a different story.  Fencing him out will likely be an expensive, futile effort so I imagine a trap will be in order for spring.  In any case it looks like I can put away that rotkohl recipe, these cabbage and cauliflower leftovers will only end up feeding the compost pile.