Happy Valentine’s Day

It’s Friday, the kids are home from school with their second snow day in a row, and it’s Valentine’s Day…. but it’s not a gardening day….snow in PennsylvaniaSnow, snow, and snow.  At least the morning dawned sunny and bright so there’s hope for a change.daybreak after the snow

I won’t complain,  I actually like the snow, and this steady snow cover and lack of ice storms is keeping all the early risers safe asleep under a protective blanket, still it’s tough hearing about snowdrops and hellebores in full bloom across Europe while mine are two feet under.snowy front bedIt’s a good argument for winter interest.  “Dallas Blues” panicum is still as perky as it was in October, and the reddish tones are nice with or without the white.  A few evergreens would compliment the grass, plus a “Midwinter Fire” red twig dogwood would look good….. (the dogwood is on my lookout list since last winter) but I’m sure I’ll be saying the same thing next year (interest in winter interest drops to near zero once the snowdrops appear!)dallas blues panicum with snow

Things are supposed to warm up next week with temperatures finally going above freezing, and I can’t wait to see a couple sprouts and signs of spring.  That will be nice, but as long as things are locked away in snow and ice my spring fever stays in remission…. spring sprouts and a thaw will kill my resolve.  Right now the front border screams cabin fever a lot more than anything related to spring.karl foerster feather reed grass in snowBy the way, the odd lumps are snowman and snowlady bodies.  It’s all part of a whole new winter world out there with the tropical border acting as a sled run, the cyclamen bed as the foundation for a snow fort, and dried hydrangea as excellent snowperson hair.  Looks like we’ll be enjoying it for at least another week or two!