White is the new green

How’s this for spring color?

snow covered spring bulbs

Snowdrops covered with yet another surprise snowfall

Good thing I got my new snowdrops planted Saturday.  By Sunday night a storm system moved up the coast and by Monday morning we were again covered by a couple inches of snow.  Winter is really putting up a fight but March sunshine works wonders, and by late afternoon the snow had melted back enough to convince the bunny buffet to open up and invite spring back.

yellow snow crocus

snow crocus doing its thing

The wind and sharp temperature plunges may have been a little too much for some of the snowdrops, but most just laugh off a late season snow.  This bunch is just as happy today as they were last week.


snowdrops back up after the latest snow

Today the thermometer made it up to almost 60F (15C).  Flowers were opening, snow was melting, and I saw the first honeybees working what few crocus were left in the meadow.  Spring weather for sure and even if the yard is a soggy mess from all the rain and snow, the birds and flowers don’t care, they’re ready to go!