New bird sighting

Redpoll at the feeder

These have probably been to the feeder before, but yesterday after a closer look I saw we had a small flock of redpolls sampling the sunflowerseed.  Cool,  I’ve never seen one before.   It’s a bird of the tundra and boreal forest, so not exactly a hopeful sign for spring, but a new bird is always something.  They were followed later in the day by a swarm of starlings searching out grubs and worms in the lawn and then a flock of grackles eating the cracked corn.  Even though grackles are listed as year round residents here I only notice them in the spring.  With that in mind I’ll count them as a sign of warmer weather.

Indoors I planted the next bunch of seed.  These were the 4-6 weeks before frost bunch and although I’m on the late side once things go outside they will hopefully catch up.