That wasn’t smart 3.0

Yesterday afternoon my Brent and Becky bulbs arrived….. did I mention I bought quite a few during their end of the season clearance sale?  So knowing the weather report I was out in the dim light and freezing rain getting things into the ground before the snow and cold came.  Bulbs go in quick when you’re wet and freezing, and I did pretty good although there was at least one shout from the house about catching pneumonia or what not…. I beat the snow by at least two hours 🙂first snowfall on deck

That was a close call since the weatherman is predicting more snow tomorrow and lows around 7F (-14C) for next week, and things will surely freeze solid.  Sensible people are finished for the year, unfortunately I have a stubborn streak and a history of stupid ideas put into action.  Brent and Becky was sold out of the 50 snowdrop bulbs I ordered so they were missing from my shipment (such is the risk of a late season order).  Instead of accepting my situation, I somehow ended up at Van Engelen’s website this morning and clicked OK to 200 more snowdrops (plus a couple hyacinth).  Not the smartest move.  Better check the potting soil supply 😉