At odds in the meadow

For as much enjoyment as the meadow garden brings one gardener here, there is another who despises the long grass and messy arrangement of color.  She’s also one who has no interest in snowdrops and can’t tell a zinnia from a marigold, but before the name calling starts lets just say the meadow garden is not as popular as one might expect.

seating in the meadow garden

The meadow garden in June with appropriate summer seating.

This “garden” amounts to little more than an area of the yard which has been left to fill in with whatever flowers and grasses can make it in the thin, poor soil.  In a normal year this 20×60 ft area is a sea of waving grass gone to seed, but coming off last summer’s drought and this spring’s dry spell the grass is a little threadbare and the rudbeckia and butterfly weed (Asclepias tuberosa) stand out more.  On a whim I allowed a few quaking aspen(?) and staghorn sumac (Rhus typhina) to grow up and screen the fence but now these sun hogs are under the protection of the non-gardener and I worry they will further suck the life out of the meadow.

Rhus typhina staghorn sumac

Pennsylvania is not a meadow state and the trees and shrubs are always making advances.  We’ll see how much longer the aspen and   staghorn sumac (Rhus Typina) are allowed to stay. 

I guess easy come easy go is the theme for this area and there will never be any regret for the time not wasted in mowing yet more lawn so we’ll see what happens.  It always gets a haircut by the end of summer but I suspect a few trees will need to go sometime soon.

rudbeckia hirta meadow

The far end of the meadow.  The ‘Annabelle’ hydrangea is not your typical meadow shrub, but I’m sure it is one plant which does enjoy the growing afternoon shade…. as well as all the rain we’ve had recently.

My apologies for a post which deals mainly in weeds.  As you know the garden needs more attention at this time of year than there are hours in the schedule so I’d like to leave you with the illusion that the rest of the garden is well under control.  That may or may not be the case, but hopefully with our upcoming holiday weekend a few things will get done.  Happy Independence Day and enjoy the weekend!