The last bits

Between working late every day and changing the clocks, my enthusiasm for the garden has dropped off the edge of a cliff.  The leaves are down and the soil is still on the dry side so that’s not helping either.  I guess winter is the perfect time to hibernate, but before I shut down completely here are some last pictures.  Some selfsown mums are still blooming.  I’m not crazy about the colors, but the timing is a welcome last call.seed grown chrysanthemumsThe milk thistle seedling still fascinates me with its cool mottled foliage, but I still have my doubts about it overwintering.  So far I’ve only ever managed to grow it as an annual, not a biennial (which I think is what it prefers)milk thistle foliageMy one cyclamen hederifolium seedling which gets a pink tinge is coloring up for the winter.  Now that temps are dropping into the 20’s I brought it into the garage for safekeeping even though I’m sure it’s hardy enough to overwinter in the ground (but I would miss it out there!)cyclamen hederifolium with pink foliageOne job which I did get done before free time dissapeared was the tidying up of the compost pile.  Not everyone has this much room surrounded by a fancy pink marble block wall, so I’m kind of grateful for that…. but I still wish I had more leaves and such to fill it up compost pile So that’s the story from here.  Things are shutting down and I just don’t have any motivation, but that could change at any time.  Just last week I noticed a bunch of seeds I wanted to plant this fall, and bulb clearance sales typically start on thanksgiving.  It’s hard to be unmotivated when a couple hundred bulbs are shipping your way 🙂

Hope your end of season plans are going better than mine!