Enough with the bugs!

So I’m bored with the garden, ok?

Until we get some decent rain most things are at a standstill…. except for the bugs.  They’re going full tilt and doing what bugs do (which is eat and multiply).  The grasshoppers are moving in off the dead grass of the meadow and taking advantage of the lush, watered parts of the garden.  I can do without a plague of these suckers, and fortunately they don’t seem to do too much damage.  I just pick them off and toss them on their way.grasshopper eating flower

Katydids always show up on the purple leaved cannas.  I’m not sure if it’s just that the holes are more obvious on these big leaves, but I always seem to find one here.  If you look carefully you’ll see a second one further back, to the lower right.  These guys (actually this one might be a female) get their names from the “Ka-ty-did, she-didn’t, she-did” song they sing at night.  It’s one of the summer sounds I always look forward to.  If you want to see something even cooler, look up “pink katydid” and you’ll see some uncommon color forms of this already far too pettable insect.katydid eating canna

Believe it or not these things can fly too, and between their cool leaf shape, summertime song, and impressive size, I really don’t mind them eating as much canna leaves as they want.  Plus the kids love to play with these slow moving gentle giants.  I love having all this life going on in the garden and it’s the number one reason I avoid spraying whenever I can.katydid eating canna

The bugs don’t always have it that easy….. A big bug makes for a big meal and besides all the birds that search the garden each morning, these yellow garden spiders wouldn’t mind making a meal out of a fat bumble bee or grasshopper.  Judging by it’s plumpness I’d say the living is easy right now.  yellow writing orb spider

As you can see the phlox is still holding on, and I’ll try to show a couple flowers next time instead of continuing this parade of creepy crawlies.  But just look at the size of that spider!  Oh, and also notice the white zigzag “writing” on the web above and below the spider.  These orb spiders are sometimes called writing spiders, and I think the pattern is supposed to keep birds from flying into and ruining their webs…. Flowers next time, I promise.