Baby’s first spines

I am a completely proud parent.  On a garden visit last summer I came across a plant I’ve been wanting for a few years now, and with the permission of the owner I was able to swipe a few seeds.  This spring they were planted and I can’t be happier with my little babies.

Solanum pyracantha porcupine tomato

Solanum pyracantha, aka the porcupine tomato, showing the first signs of it’s prickly personality.

If all goes well this bizarrely beautiful and offensively spiny young plant will grow up to be covered with grayish leaves studded all over with orange spines.  It’s not a plant for everyone but it sure fits right into my misguided obsession with sharp and thorny weeds.

What is it about Madagascar that makes this relative of our own docile tomato so dangerously spiny?  This small island seems to have more than it’s share of viciously thorned plants and based on what I’ve seen it isn’t exactly the place for flip flopping, shorts wearing tourists.  But I have to say I’m looking forward to seeing this guy grow up, I think the kids will love it!