Ho Hum

Finally more rain has arrived.  The grass that greened up when cooler temperatures came in was starting to brown again with only about half an inch over the last four weeks.  I don’t like fall to begin with, and a dry fall makes me want to just sit inside.  Dusty flower beds doesn’t make for good transplanting and bulb planting.

Other than the hardy cyclamen only the fall blooming crocus are enjoying the season.  I bought these as crocus zonatus (now c kotschyanus?) and always thought they were a little under whelming until I saw a few pictures over at Cold Climate Gardening .  Apparently fall crocus can be beautiful and not just a fall blooming curiosity (such as mine seem to be). crocus zonatus (kotschyanus)

A little online poking around and I found that mine are a “somewhat weedy” species known for small blooms and seeding around.  I can think of worse weeds, but I guess next fall I might have to reconsider my garden’s lack of decent fall crocus flowers and maybe do something about it!

In the meantime the rain and killing frosts (happened last week….) have re-inspired my garden motivation.  I spent today cleaning out the dead summer vegetables and frosted summer annuals.  Maybe I’ll find the time and energy to tackle spots like this poorly planted, weed infested hellebore patch.

weedy hellebore bed

Being outside and having a little moisture in the ground (it’s still bone dry ‘zuckersand’ a few inches down) have me feeling better.  Maybe I do need to add a few tulips and such if the warm weather holds out….. I do have a few open spots in the vegetable patch now that the veggies are gone 😉