In a vase on Monday

I’m usually far too distracted and disorganized to keep up with any of the blogging memes but every now and then voila!  It happened today, and I’m joining in with Cathy from Rambling in the Garden and putting together a vase full of freshly plucked blooms from the garden.

chrysanthemum "mellow moon"

The fat blooms of chrysanthemum “mellow moon”, yellow buttons of “Isla Gold” Tansy, and a few sprays of patrina scabiosifolia.

I feel a little outnumbered here as a male participant, but I’ll give it a go anyway.  As you can see accessorization is not my strongpoint, the flowers were picked and plunked into one of those fat little vases (probably saved from some Valentine’s day past) and dumped naked onto the table.  The generic yellow teapot was pulled out of the cupboard to keep it company…. might as well since it’s been sitting around uselessly since the day we were married 🙂

cream flower arrangement with chrysanthemums

Why these mums are blooming in August I don’t know, but I’m glad they are. Pale creamy yellow is one of my favorite colors.

I’m surprised by how much I like this chrysanthemum in the garden, and they look even better in the vase.  Although I was informed by the boy that the round yellow things are stinky I like the way the tansy and patrina bring out the yellow in the mum.  Who knew garden mums could be so nice?  I guess I just got used to those big disposable blobs of unanimous color that show up in autumn that I forgot about the older daisy types and the fancy bigger blooms.  I can see a problem developing with these 🙂

By dinner time the arrangement was joined by the season’s first ripe tomato.  A golden “Kellogg’s Breakfast” was sliced and plated with salt, oil, and bluecheese crumbles on top.  Unsophisticated yet Mmmm.  I’m not a big tomato lover but this mild meaty beefsteak is tolerable.

tomato Kellogg's Breakfast

Tomato Kellogg’s Breakfast. I wonder how golden pizza sauce would go over?

I didn’t quite make the cutoff for Monday, but hopefully late entries are accepted 😉  and if you get the chance take a look at some of the other contributions that roll in each Monday at Rambling in the Garden.  It’s great to see what’s blooming in gardens across the world, and I’m repeatedly amazed by the talent and creativity out there.

Have a great week!