A little diversion

It’s spring.  I spend hours just looking around,  finding new spring discoveries, and just plain old enjoying the season.  It’s still early enough that one can imagine all the great things that will happen, and forget the drought and hail, insects and acts of God which will surely come along.  My work ethic borders on laziness this time of year (and actually most any time of year) but how can I motivate myself when my ugly little plastic chair has found a partner and all I want to do is “stop to smell the roses”?

spring garden

Someone scooped up the last orange chair and brought it home for me, and we’re still taunting the neighbors with plastic furniture in the front yard 🙂

The daffodils are out in full force, and the cool spring makes them last forever.  The cooler weather also seems to give the reds and pinks a brighter color, and many of them actually look like their catalog glamour shots.  Speaking of brighter colors, two blue chairs found their way into the backyard, and although I like the orange better, it’s nice to finally have an uncracked, uncrooked, safe seat to think about things in.

spring gardenOne of the things that needs thinking about is the neighboring industrial park.  The warehouse needs more room, so word is they’re expanding down to our end of the property.  The big boulder pile is in the process of being crushed to pebbles and in the near future our entire western view will be altered.

living next to construction

Construction has finally reached our end of the industrial park. The kids are upset their rock mountain is being crushed down, between that and the railroad tracks it’s the most popular hiking destination around here.

I’ll bore you with more daffodil and tulip pictures in the next post, right now spare time is in short supply and sneaking out for a few minutes here and there is about all I can manage until work and school calm down.  Hope spring is treating you well!