That wasn’t smart 5.0

I’ve been neglecting my ongoing series regarding the stupid moves which I perpetrate in the garden, and trust me it hasn’t been because of a lack of material.

The blue poppy (Meconopsis species) is a nearly legendary sky blue flower from the heights of the Himalayas, and their amazingly perfect blooms have lured many a gardener (and photographer) into an awkwardly greedy and covetous state.  The blue flowers are also well known for their difficult and fickle nature outside of any region where the thermometer rises above 80F (26.5C) and summers take on a more serious tone.  Here in my Pennsylvania garden the thermometer has been going well over 90F this month, and I don’t know why I didn’t see this coming back in December when I ordered the seeds… or back in February when they were sown… or now when my last seedling is wasting away to nothing.

meconopsis seedling

Go to the light little poppy.  You’ve put up a valiant struggle.

I briefly debated placing a window unit air conditioner into one of the workshop windows and seeing just how long I could drag this out but then finally came to my senses.  I’m sure I can kill other plants just as easily with far less trouble, so until I move North or become insanely rich I think I’ll pass on the next seed offer.  Fortunately this latest stupid move didn’t involve blood and from now on I suppose I’ll keep myself happy enjoying them via Pauline blogging about the ones in her Devon England garden (I believe they’re practically weeds for her) or just enjoying the ones Longwood Gardens forces into bloom each spring.

So a lesson learned is a lesson learned, and on today’s trip to the nursery I picked up something far more sensible.  Under “Growing Conditions” it’s as easy as part sun, plant 24″ apart, so I’m sure my new Australian Tree Fern will be no problem at all.  Later on I’ll just have to figure out what to do with the “reaches 20 feet tall, up to 10 foot long fronds”.

Australian tree fern

Even a 10 year old can see there are too many plants on this deck, he told me last week.

We will see where this goes, but in the meantime have a great week, and may all your decisions be sensible and well thought out 🙂